Jody Lawrance

I began practicing Ashtanga Yoga in 1991 with Raffi, and have been teaching Yoga in East Grinstead since 1999. I now teach Hatha Yoga, although with my Ashtanga/Atma Vikasa/Kundalini background my Saturday class is more physically challenging than some types of Hatha yoga. Since  training in Yin Yoga and Yoga therapy in 2016 I am also loving teaching gentle/ restorative classes for anyone wanting slow paced stretches and gently working their body.

I love teaching pregnancy Yoga – such a joy and privilege to be involved with these ladies during such a precious time. I am also qualified in Thai Yoga Massage which complements Yoga so beautifully.

Since 2002 I have enjoyed teaching on regular Yoga holidays to Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, Italy, Egypt, The Gambia and India. Also short indulgent spa breaks in the UK. Please see our ‘Holidays’ page for details of upcoming trips.

I return to India as often as possible to study with my teachers, Acharya Venkatesha and Acharye Hema, who founded the Atma Vikasa school of yoga, with whom I found a new depth to my own practice, now focusing more on Yogic philosophy and Meditation. My desire to access the stillness within led me to live in a Buddhist community in Brighton for 8 months and continue to attend classes, courses and retreats there regularly. I enjoy the harmony and balance that Yoga and Buddhism bring to my daily life and believe they can help us all get closer to true contentment and inner peace.

I love teaching all abilities, to me it’s not where you are in a posture that counts, what’s important is how you are – inside, while in the posture. To watch your breath, quieten your mind, let go of tension, to be in the moment, come back to the constant that is the breath. To find contentment, be at peace, to drawing closer to the stillness. That, to me is what matters. That is why I practice Yoga and what I want to share with you.

You are welcome to drop-in to my classes, or if you come to more than 1 class per week it would be more cost effective to purchase a monthly membership: details here

I specialise in 1-1 yoga sessions, either in the comfort of your own home, or at Yoga Akasha. I have one client whose home I go to early before he starts work continuously since 2002! The cost at Akasha or your home in East Grinstead is: £50 for 45 mins, £60 per hour, £10 for each extra 15 mins thereafter. If 5-10 mins from East Grinstead please add £5, if 10-15 mins please add £10, if 15-20 mins please add £15. This is a wonderful way to learn, the classes being tailor made just for you and your requirements.

Teacher Training: Since 2019 I am running Teacher training programs. These are for anyone  who has a sincere wish to delve deeper into the ocean of yoga, either just for their practice or to go on to teach.

I have 3 beautiful children, 6 gorgeous grandchildren, and 1 precious great granddaughter, each a gift, from whom I learn much.

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