Welcome to Jody-Yoga

Whether you’re an existing student, you’ve been recommended, or you’re just curious, I am thrilled to have you here : )

Embarking on something new can be intimidating, especially as time advances – an understanding I hold close. Beyond the surface of ‘strange poses,’ yoga, for me, embodies a journey toward well-being, flexibility, and strength with a touch of comfort and ease.

In my offerings of in-person, online, and one-to-one classes, I aim to help you:

  • Destress, relax, find peace, and release tension: Rediscover ‘me time’ while enhancing your health and flexibility.
  • Assist sports enthusiasts: For those already fit and strong but seeking additional flexibility.
  • Support trauma, addiction, PTSD recovery: Creating a space for healing and growth.
  • Cultivate a general sense of well-being, more energy, and vitality: Empowering you to feel more comfortable in your day-to-day life.

Discover all regular classes and their details on the ‘Timetable’ page or click here

Explore my YouTube Yoga Channel, featuring an array of free videos, from Hatha Yoga, Gentle Yoga and Chair Yoga to Yin Yoga, Bed & Sofa Yoga, Office Yoga, and 30 Day Challenges like ‘Hamstring Stretch’, ‘Hip Openers’, ‘Daily Delights’ ‘Sun Salutations’ and ‘Feel Lighter, Brighter & Fitter.’

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Plan your upcoming holidays and retreats in Crete, Kent and India. Detailed information about all trips is available on the ‘Holidays’ page or click here


Join me (Jody) and/or my daughter Sam for live streaming classes in the comfort of your home or in-person sessions. Please refer to the timetable page for specific details.

Consider private yoga lessons as a stepping stone, offering a chance to grasp the basics and build confidence before joining a class. Whether you prefer one-on-one guidance or thrive in a group setting, I am committed to tailoring sessions to your needs.

For more information, please reach out to me at jody@yogaakasha.co.uk

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