Sam Gent

Sam has been practising yoga since she was ten years old, and has trained with Raffi Dabora, Kirsten Germann, Dom Lawrance, Jody Lawrance and more recently with Mark Freeth and Anna Robertshaw-Freeth, with whom she completed her teacher training.

As a child, she studied Ashtanga yoga and one of the special things about Ashtanga is it consists of different series of asana which are always practised the same, over time students cannot help but memorise the series. This allows yoga to become available whenever a student needs or wants, regardless of if they can attend a class or not. Sam believes strongly in empowering her students to develop a set series (Ashtanga or otherwise) that they can practise with confidence, so that they are not limited to doing yoga during class.

This sequence can then be developed, extended and varied as appropriate to suit different needs and stages of life. When practising alone and not having to listen to instruction from a teacher, a practice can be taken to a whole new level, like a moving meditation with the students’ breath dictating the pace.

Sam encourages students to meditate, read, study and discuss yoga philosophy during self practice space as well as asana (posture) practice. Whatever the motivation that prompts students to take up yoga, Sam assists them in designing their own practice that will accompany them through life’s journey and enhance their physical and mental well-being.

Kneeling Salutation practice sheet

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