Jackie Boyce

I have always had an interest in alternative medicine, from my teenage years looking into various hair conditioners and making my own conditioners up using various oils!  However later during my career, I found myself listening always on the other end of conversations, with people not feeling too good and sometimes generally very down, they seemed to think I had a good listening ear, which indeed I am.

After having children, again during the children having ailments – I often looked up alternative ways to help clear up certain ailments, I tentatively used and was successful which made me look more into different alternatives.

The turning point for me to turn to a different career, is when I had both parents who I had a good relationship with turned suddenly into both a serious degree of health problems.  All of a sudden I was not the younger daughter – I was the elder of both parents, I had to be strong and confident with doctors and nurses.
Awful for us as a family, awful for my mum and dad, all his life now was endless round of needles and x-rays, blood tests, scans, you name it he had it.  A Reiki practitioner came in to the hospital and offered my dad Reiki, she came into the room with no needles, no charts,  simply a healer, my dad seemed calm having the treatment, his eyes were alert as he could hear what was going on, it even made us the carer’s calmer, it was a nice feeling that we could leave the Reiki healer, to do her job and not hearing any crying out of pain.  This day made me even more determined to look into alternative/complimentary therapies.

When my mum had cancer, she was offered, reflexology and massage, she took it up, when she came home  she talked to me for a long time how she enjoyed the treatment, I noticed she talked and looked different, a glimmer of hope perhaps?  No – just a glimmer of peace.

That’s how I saw through all this turmoil, my mum had found a ‘peace’ of treatment, taking morphine or to have various liquids which made her ill, she looked forward to having treatment, I went with her at different times and was hooked on the peaceful surroundings, the actual treatment, and the effect the therapy had on ‘my’ patient, my mum’.

The reflexology treatment my family had, I have just to remember both of my parent’s faces, to see what it did for them.  Reflexology is a brilliant way to help and ease the mind and body, this is why I have taken up the quest to learn the reflexology and become a good listener and give confidence and for the client to appreciate calmness and most of all to get the body back into balance and to get the mind hopefully at a better level of peace.

I trained under Maureen Burgess School of Reflexology at the Queen Victoria Hospital, in 2009. I gained a diploma, which was quite hard work overall, with 15 Case Studies to hand in too!  Since then I have trained in Reiki & Relaxation, Indian Head Massage and Hopi Ear Candling.  I also went to Windsor to become a beautician, passing exams on Facials, Manicures and Pedicures. I am fully insured under BABTAC (British Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology) which also covers all my treatments. I like to make a difference to people’s lives, my main aim is to help people become well balanced in their health and mind.  I truly believe and am passionate how Holistic Therapies can really give a person inner peace and strength.

Hope to see you soon, Jackie