Amber Scott

Amber grew up in Spain where her mother runs a retreat centre and hideaway in the wild hills north of Seville. She has been practicing yoga since her teens with the various wonderful teachers who have passed through. Amber travelled extensively around India from a young age. When she left school she went to train as an Ancient ‘Thai’ massage therapist in Nepal and returned every year for three years deepening her knowledge of this system and of the many sheaths that make up the human body. On her return she studied Sanskrit in university in London. When she started a family she began to train as a yoga teacher with Ruth White, a long time student of B.K.S Iyengar. Ruth’s adaptation of the Iyengar method centers on compassion and it is this quality that is very much present in her teaching. Amber teaches passionately and it is her dream to communicate to others what she has learnt about the body and its intelligence.  She has been running her own retreats in Spain for the past 7 years and has taught in both English and Spanish. She teaches regular alignment classes but also yoga for pregnancy and Karuna yoga and is continuing to pursue her interest in yoga therapy and chi kung.

In one of Amber’s classes you can expect to be challenged but also will get an opportunity to cultivate deep relaxation. You will be encouraged to focus on the balance between the strength and flexibility of the physical body and you will work through classical asanas respecting the body’s own natural desire to flow from one posture to the next. Although not strictly dynamic these classes are nevertheless seamless and the natural flow contributes to the overall harmony of the entire system. The precision of the postures is important and there will be a detailed description of what you are performing as you are doing so, you can therefore feel confident that the practice will be nothing but beneficial. Yoga as a holistic method is graciously represented in Amber’s sessions.
Amber teaches monthly workshops on Saturdays at 12.00. Please see our events page for details.