Allan Strong

Allan started his path of learning and connection with the outward expression of Taoism back in the early 1980s practicing Yang style Tai Chi. Since then he has continuously studied Chinese philosophy through the writings of Lao Tzu the ancient sage credited with writing the core Taoist text the Tao de Jing.

However in more recent years he has been studying and practicing the Wu Family Tai Chi and the Eternal Spring Qi Gong from the Wu family in Shanghai. Now with his teacher’s

endorsement and blessing Allan is passing this knowledge on at Yoga Akasha.

Allan for many years has been teaching mountain navigation, climbing and archery.

The Tao is the name given to the ancient Chinese philosophy of living in the natural world and way of getting back to being your Authentic Self. It is the way things are, Thusness. The way of intelligent design as shown in nature, this is the way of the Tao.

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