Jean Luc Lafitte

Jean Luc Lafitte has been working in the healthcare industry for 27 years and believes that good health is the cornerstone for a good life.

He started out as an auxiliary nurse and it was whilst working in this capacity at the famous Queen Victoria Hospital that he decided to train as a Doctor of Chiropractic.

Jean Luc is dedicated to combining his expertise when treating patients, as he believes that in order to attain perfect health, we need to find a balance between the physical, the chemical, and the emotional. He encourages parents to have their children checked up twice a year, in much the same way as you would go to your dentist; he believes in treating cause and not symptoms.

Jean Luc also offers hypnotherapy. As part of his philosophy for living a whole and fulfilled life, he offers hypnotherapy to combat stress and overcome phobias. He is particularly passionate about helping people who suffer from panic attacks.

As well as working as a chiropractor he has written over eleven books on healthcare related issues and one novel.

Jean Luc is available for treatments at Akasha on Thursdays between 2.00-6.00. Please call 07870385169 to make an appointment.